Help people be great

Hey ya, I'm Andreas Smedjebacka.

So, I make web thingies & IT systems, hopefully ones that help people be better today than yesterday.

You've probably come here either because your surname is Smedjebacka, or because you're a recruiter.

You're a Smedjebacka

I happen to own and but I don't feel like I have the right to keep those domains to myself :)

Contact me if you want a subdomain (, email account ( or email alias ( forwards email to Let's figure out something that works for both of us, I'm fine with moving this site to

I will not register but I would be glad to share redirects if you do. (Perhaps by forwarding to, or similar cooperations.) Also, it's about time someone registers that domain, please reach out to me if you need help with registering

You need someone to program something and you might be a British telerecruiter

This is probably not the droid you're looking for :) I live in Östersund - that's a six-hour drive north from the Stockholm office for which I do remote work.

I'm a communicative developer who has enough experience to realise I hardly know anything about system development or design. I do, however, tend to understand the mysterious minds of customers, managers and decision makers, which enables me to put the right spin on my work to help them meet their goals.

If you wish to redirect my workday focus let me just say that I'm happy with my current employment, but: